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WME are committed to supporting the public sector in achieving their respective environmental goals. Our "Use Cleaner, Use Less" campaign will help support our public sector customers on their journey to "net-zero" carbon through purchasing cleaner energy, and using less energy. 

This helpful page will provide practical ways in which you can review and reduce energy consumption within your buildings, as well as being a central "hub" for useful advice, tips, resources and websites that will support you to "Use Less".

It will be particularly helpful for those with little, or no, "in-house" energy or sustainability expertise.

"Using Cleaner" and "Using Less"

Examples of what we already deliver under these two workstreams are set out below, however these are always under review and we will have some exciting additions over the coming year.

Use Cleaner

  • Provision of 100% renewable gas and electricity
  • Supporting self-generation projects
  • Sleeving energy into our contract
  • Setup of PPA arrangements
  • Energy Storage solutions E.g. Batteries
  • Demand Side Response
  • EV Charging

See how WME supported Swindon Borough Council to offset a proportion of their corporate energy consumption from a solar asset based in Swindon through an innovative solar offset arrangement.

Use Less

  • Educating and embedding behaviour change
  • Provision and understanding of data
  • Provision of resources to help you manage energy consumption
  • Energy Efficiencies

As well as helping to achieve "net-zero", using less energy will help combat rising energy costs that we have seen over the last 12 months. 

For more details on how WME can support your organisation on the road to “Net-Zero”, please contact us.


WME and Total Energies have collaborated to design this interactive PDF on "how you can save money and energy through minor changes in your workplace".

   Free Resources   

Below are a set of free resources that will help you monitor and reduce energy consumption. By using and acting upon these, we believe you can reduce your annual energy consumption by between 10% and 20%.

100% Renewable Energy

WME can provide customers with 100% renewable gas and electricity.

These products enable customers to report zero emissions under the GHG Protocol Standards and go some way to supporting you achieving carbon neutrality.

WME are proud to support "Let’s Go Zero", a free campaign uniting and supporting UK schools working to be carbon zero by 2030.

What is decarbonisation? A simple guide


Breakdown of energy costs in a typical school


How much do electrical items cost to run?


Using data to manage and reduce energy consumption


Benchmarking for schools


Financial support for energy efficiency projects


Login to MYWME

If you are a WME customer, you have free access to our energy monitoring platform, MYWME.

Visit MYWME to view your consumption patterns and identify ways of reducing your energy consumption. You will find additional hints and tips on how to review and monitor your energy consumption, with a view to reducing it where possible.

If you do not know your login details, email:

Reduce your energy consumption by up to 20% by completing our 6 free energy saving opportunities