Carbon Zero

WME are committed to supporting the public sector in achieving their respective environmental goals. This includes supporting our customers to reduce carbon emissions on their journey to “Net-Zero”.

We believe it right to lead by example and as such, WME are working towards becoming net-zero ourselves. We are also Founding Members of the Public Sector Sustainability Association and an active member of Sustainability West Midlands.

Both WME and our key Framework Supplier, TotalEnergies, have extensive industry knowledge, experience and expertise to support customers reducing carbon emissions and we have identified two key workstreams that will our customers to achieve this...

 "Using Cleaner" and "Using Less"

Examples of what we deliver under these two workstreams are set out below, however these are always under review by our dedicated "Carbon Zero Focus Group", who are actively working with customers to deliver innovative solutions to support their “Net-Zero” journey.

Use Cleaner

  • Provision of 100% renewable gas and electricity
  • Supporting self-generation projects
  • Sleeving energy into our contract
  • Setup of PPA arrangements
  • Energy Storage solutions E.g. Batteries
  • Demand Side Response
  • EV Charging

See how WME supported Swindon Borough Council to offset a proportion of their corporate energy consumption from a solar asset based in Swindon through an innovative solar offset arrangement.

Use Less

  • Educating and embedding behaviour change
  • Provision and understanding of data
  • Technology
  • Energy Efficiencies

For more details on how WME can support your organisation on the road to “Net-Zero”, please contact us.

WME currently provide Pure Green electricity to over 6,300 public sector supply points