Fully Flexible Procurement

Energy procurement is complex, and different to every other commodity that you will purchase for your organisation. Therefore, it is important to ensure you are working with a trusted and reputable energy partner, to deliver this for you. WME will manage your energy procurement in a transparent, risk managed way, with an aim of delivering consistently competitive energy prices, year after year.

Flexible Energy procurement is a means of purchasing energy from the wholesale market in small chunks over a longer period of time, thus reducing risk. This is managed by WME’s trading specialists, who monitor market prices and key drivers on a daily basis enabling us to purchase both gas and electricity when the price is right.

We have a range of different flexible strategies, to ensure we can offer something to match your risk appetite.

Our strategies have been designed with our public sector customers at the forefront. Our research and feedback have shown that that financial priorities within the public sector tend to be for long term risk management and budget certainty, both of which are delivered through our innovative, risk managed strategies.

Key benefits of flexible procurement:

  • Reduced Risk – Energy positions are hedged over a long period of time and energy purchased where we see value, rather than on one day of the year
  • Able to take early action to reduce exposure to higher energy prices in future years
  • Opportunity to take advantage of falling market prices
  • Budget certainty offered through innovative capped price

Our flexible gas and electricity frameworks are fully OJEU compliant and have been tendered in line with Public Contract Regulations (2015).

90% of WME customers opt for our flexible procurement strategy