Energy procurement is complex, and different to every other commodity that you will purchase for your organisation. Therefore, it is important to ensure you are working with a trusted and reputable energy partner, to deliver this for you. WME will manage your energy procurement in a transparent, risk managed way, with an aim of delivering consistently competitive energy prices, year after year.

Fixed price procurement is a means of purchasing all of your energy requirements for a set period of time, in one go.

WME will go to the market with your portfolio and get the best price from a number of suppliers on that particular day. The price provided by suppliers will be reflective of wholesale market prices on the day we go to tender. They may also include a risk premium.

This strategy offers complete budget certainty and suits customers where their priority is budget certainty, rather than longer term risk management.

 Key benefits of fixed price procurement:

  • Budget certainty as you lock your price for a set period of time
  • Choice of contract length (Generally between 1- 3 years)
  • Price protection against potential rising market prices
  • WME’s framework contains 7, pre-approved energy suppliers ensuring competition
  • Simple to understand and make comparisons

Our fixed price gas and electricity framework has been tendered in line with Public Contract Regulations (2015) therefore provides full compliance.

WME’s fixed price framework consists of 7 energy suppliers