Fully Managed Energy Service

Managing energy contracts can be a challenging task, taking up significant time and resource internally. WME’s Fully Managed provision, helps save internal time, which can be spent on other tasks, such as large-scale renewable projects, or energy efficiency measures, accelerating your organisations road to ‘’Net-Zero’’.

Under this service provision, WME will operate an agreed risk managed procurement strategy alongside a range of additional services to ensure that your energy contract runs smoothly.

Key services provided by WME include:

  • Flexible Procurement
    WME provide different procurement strategies to match the requirements of your organisation
  • Green Energy
    WME have a range of green electricity and green gas product
  • Price Validation
    Your energy prices are validated by WME along with all non-commodity costs prior to them being accepted. Checks include network charges, transportation, metering and environmental levies.
  • Bill Validation & Payment Management
    WME receive and validate every supplier invoice. Invoices that pass our validation are paid by WME and those that fail are sent back to the supplier and managed to resolution by our team. This ensures customers only receive bills that are 100% accurate.
  • Contract Management 
    All customers have a dedicated account manager and regular contract review meetings. WME will report on key areas of the contract performance.
  • Siteworks
    WME have a dedicated siteworks service to support with all metering and supply work. This includes new connections, meter installations, disconnections, relocations and supply upgrades.
  • Query Management 
    The WME customer service team will be the first point of contact for any queries. All queries are logged and managed to resolution using our bespoke internal system.
  • Web Portal Access
    Our online portal, MYWME, provides instant access to energy data. This includes consumption and cost data for the full portfolio as well as current and historical invoices.
  • Budget Support
    WME will provide detailed budgeting support for your organisation in advance of each financial year.


”WME’s fully managed energy service allows our facilities team to focus more time on projects aimed at reducing our overall costs.

The contract support we receive is outstanding and ensures all things energy at our trust run smoothly’’

Gloucestershire Health & Care NHS Trust, 2020


Last year, we saved our customers £2.1m through our bill validation service