WME are delighted to launch a new public sector water framework. Following a Public Sector Buying Organisation (PSBO) collaborative procurement exercise with YPO and ESPO we have awarded the new Water, Wastewater and Ancillary Services framework to Wave Utilities.

  • Water, Wastewater and Ancillary Services Framework;
    Term: 01/09/2023 – 30/08/2027
    Procurement Reference: 2023/S 000-021854
    Supplier: Wave Utilities

The new framework went live in November 2020 and covers all aspects of water supply and management for our customers as well as wider public sector organisations.

The framework offers WME customers a quick, simple and compliant route to market, delivering quality of service, competitive prices, and a commitment to supporting customers with their efficiency targets. The framework provides additional benefits from key account management, robust KPI's and oversight by WME and the other PSBO partners.

Should you be interested in the new Water, Wastewater and Ancillary Services Framework with Wave, please contact us for further information.

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